Dream Chaser Inspirations

Tyce Diorio

Readers often ask if I had anyone in mind when I write specific characters. Generally I don’t, but in the book Dream Chaser, The charismatic director, Tyson Scott was born from watching Tyce Diorio on So You Think You Can Dance.

Tyce Diorio is pretty darn amazing for a lot of reasons. One peek at his picture and anyone can see he’s one fine looking man! What drew me to him was his infectious personality, generous spirit and incredible talent. I only knew about him from SYTYCD. Then a friend recommended Every Little Step, a documentary about a few Broadway shows.

In Every Little Step, I recognized Tyce  in the background of auditions for the revival of A Chorus Line. In the end he  lost the part to someone else. As he left, Tyce  commented something to the effect of, “It’s okay. I’m meant for something bigger. I’m meant to cross a stage and win an award.”

A couple years later, Tyce Diorio won an Emmy for his innovative choreography on SYTYCD! That spoke to me on so many levels. So in honor of Tyce, I created and named the sexy, brilliant director/choreographer in Dream Chaser, Tyson Scott!

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