Teaser Time! ~ Snapshot

Readers have been asking if there is a follow up book to Rock and a Hard Place. The answer is yes, and no. Snapshot, which comes out June 15, 2012, begins about the same time that Rock and a Hard Place ends.

Snapshot is about Adam Jamieson, the youngest of the three brothers who make up the rock group, Jamieson. If you liked Peter and Libby in Rock and a Hard Place, I think you’ll love Adam and Marti, in Snapshot! Here is a small teaser. Stay tuned in the days to come. More teasers will soon follow.


“I can honestly say I’ve never been called a loser in my life. At least not to my face,” Adam said. And not in any of the fan magazines either.

“My, my, a little sensitive there, aren’t you?” Marti teased.

“Hey, you’re attacking my coolness. I’ve got a reputation to defend here. I can’t let word get out that some hot girl thinks I’m a loser.” He hoped the compliment would impress her.

“Hot girl? You’re trying awfully hard.” She laughed and edged a little closer. “Trouble getting dates back home?” She sipped her drink.

Adam saw her adorable smirk in the moonlight and wouldn’t mind shocking it off of her with a kiss, but he didn’t know if she even liked him.

“What? Did I hit too close to home?” She bumped his shoulder with hers.

“You have no idea.” Her words made him want to laugh at the irony. Marti didn’t know about all the girls who screamed his name at concerts. How many were dying to get close to him, get a hug, and pose for pictures. Now here he sat next to Marti, a beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes that sparkled in the moonlight, and a smile that made him want to follow her like a love-sick pup. Adam finally had the perfect opportunity to get close to a girl, and she seemed totally immune to his chick magnetism. He gulped his drink.

8 thoughts on “Teaser Time! ~ Snapshot

  1. Ohhhhhh! Love the sparks flying! Marti sounds like a spunky girl with come right back at you at-ti-tude (playful, fun attitude that is). Just what Adam needs. Counting the days to the 15th.

  2. OK, so now I really can’t wait for this to come out!! Megan’s Nook is so going to have to be taken away or put in a time out so Mom can have it, lol, or I’ll be up all night reading. What day of the week is it that it comes out, do I have to function the next day and drive the kids anywhere, lol. Angie, great work again!!

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