Teaser Time #2 ~ Snapshot!

Here’s another quick peak at Adam and Marti.

Adam shook his head. “Your dad made you drive him to the liquor store when you were only ten years old? That is so messed up! How could he be so stupid?”

“The short answer is that he’s a coke-head, alcoholic musician who thinks he’s entitled to whatever he wants, and laws aren’t meant for him,” Marti said.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Dumbstruck by her words, Adam tipped his cup back only to find it empty. He fumbled with the cooler for a refill, enjoying his full-on buzz.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t usually talk about him much, since he’s a washed-up rocker with no sense of reality.  I guess the juice here made me talk too much.” She lifted her cup.

Her dad was a musician, a rocker! Adam wondered if it was someone he’d heard of or just a small time musician who’d never hit it big. “I’m glad you live with your Grandma and don’t have to see him.” He leaned closer and could see a light sprinkle of freckles on her nose. He liked Marti and her strong opinions. She didn’t flutter around and try to be someone she wasn’t.

“I don’t plan on ever seeing him again. He’s so fucked up.” She peeked at Adam and covered her mouth. “Sorry. My bad.”

“No problem.” He grinned.

8 thoughts on “Teaser Time #2 ~ Snapshot!

  1. I didn’t think it was possible to love another couple as much as Peter and Libby, but you’re right…I’m totally “ohhhing and ahhhing” over Adam and Marti with each teaser. Garrett is not going to intervene I hope cause he should have learned his lesson in the last book.

  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! It’s so hard to pick which scene to tease. Garrett doesn’t interfere, but he is still a schmuck. I really don’t like him. 🙂

    • Every family, even the wonderful Jamieson clan, can a black sheep lurking about. But don’t you think that maybe even a schmuck can turn into a semi-decent guy with a little help from the right girl? (hint-hint) And to crack yourself up, look up schmuck on http://www.urbandictionary.com.

  3. Oh. My. God! That is so funny! And true! I will never call someone a schmuck again unless I really mean it! 🙂 And yes, Garrett needs a strong woman to straighten him out. It’s been mulling in the back of my mind, but who the heck would want him! 🙂

    • Unlike Peter and Adam who are obvious sweethearts from the minute you meet them, Garrett is a diamond in the rough. How can he be such a jerk when he has this incredible, loving, supportive family? I think he has a major self esteem issue. He’s the oldest, yet his younger brothers are more talented in the singing, song writing, and guitar playing dept. Peter is the soulful, sensitive, good looking front man of the group. Adam is the cute, younger, playful brother. And Garrett??? Well he’s trying to figure out his niche in it all. And unfortunately he can’t handle that so he tends to act jealous and petty. Garrett is just misunderstood. He’s not really that bad of a guy cause remember he was truly contrite and remorseful when he broke up Libby and Peter. Garrett just needs someone to show him how special he is. Whether it be a female singer who joins the band for a couple of songs or someone else in the music business like a PR rep…..Garrett deserves his own story. (Did I convince you, yet?)

      • lol! I hear you! Garrett might be really fun to write, because he’s more complex. I’ll keep you posted! If it comes to pass, I should consult with you on ideas. 🙂

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