Teaser Time #3 ~ Snapshot!

Sorry for the delay. The last few days have been hectic with final polishing of  Snapshot. Here is Teaser #3. Hope you enjoy!

After lunch, Marti and Haley walked down to the lakefront.

“You and AJ sure seem to have something going,” Haley said.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Marti said, pretending it wasn’t true. She still wasn’t sure what was going on. She knew she liked him, and he was a super nice guy, but…

“Come on, you two are so cute together, and I can tell he’s totally into you!” Haley gushed.

“You think so?” Marti nibbled at her lip. She hoped so. AJ made her laugh, and he had an easy-going confidence that was hard not to like. It’s like nothing could shake him up.

“Yes! Oh my god! He’s always looking at you, and haven’t you noticed that he always manages to be right next to you?”

Marti grinned, a new bounce in her step. “He is pretty hot!”

“That’s an understatement! You know, he kind of reminds me of someone,” Haley said.

“Me too!” Marti turned to Haley. “It’s been bugging me ever since I met him. There’s something that seems so familiar, but I can’t figure it out.” They stepped over a raised crack in the sidewalk.

“Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but he kind of reminds me of one of the brothers from the band Jamieson. You know the one, Adam Jamieson.”

Marti tripped and stubbed her toe. “Ow!”

“Are you okay?” Haley asked.

“Yes,” Marti groaned, examining her scraped big toe and the gouged toenail she’d painted purple the day before camp.

“So what do you think? Is that who he reminds you of? Adam Jamieson?” Haley asked.

Marti tried to picture Adam Jamieson in her mind. She wasn’t a fan of the band, or any rock band for that matter, but their music was everywhere, and she had to admit it was pretty good. Her best friend back home, Kristi, was a huge fan, owned all their music and had their posters hanging in her room. The three brothers were all really great looking, but Kristi liked Peter best.

“I don’t think so. Isn’t Adam the one with the curly hair?”

“Yeah, but there’s something about when AJ smiles. I think he looks just like Adam Jamieson, minus all the hair, of course.”

“Maybe.” She tried to picture the posters on Kristi’s wall, but she never paid close attention. Marti didn’t understand the whole appeal of idolizing someone because they were in a movie or sang a song. It all seemed pretty shallow, which described her father to a T.

“And AJ could stand for Adam Jamieson,” Haley said.

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