Teaser Time #5 ~ Snapshot

As promised, here is Teaser #5. Remember the release date is set for June 15th, but it looks like it may be a couple days sooner. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for checking in.


Adam opened the heavy wooden door of the sauna and a blast of hot steamy air escaped. Marti sat on the slated wooden bench and sighed, so happy to feel warmth again. The air smelled moist and like cedar. “This is heaven,” she said.

Adam took a seat beside her. Marti leaned back and closed her eyes. She let the heat seep into her pores.

“Sure is,” he agreed.

Marti opened one eye and found Adam watching her, a content smile on his face. She couldn’t ignore the zing that shot through her. He kept pushing against her defenses, peeling back the layers to get to her. “You know you are really annoying.”

He grinned, and his whole face lit up, making him even more difficult to resist. “I’ve heard that a time or two before.” He scooted closer, his arm touching hers.

She looked at where their arms touched and arched her brow. “You’re starting to push your luck.”

“I’m just warming up. Drawing off your body heat.”

“Is that so?” She bit back her smile. Adam never quit trying to get back in her good graces.

“If I were pushing my luck, I’d do something like this.” He leaned over and captured her mouth with his.

Damn. Every time he kissed her, a jolt of some powerful drug flowed through her veins. She parted her lips and let his tongue mingle with hers. She lifted her hand to touch him, but then hesitated, unsure of what she wanted. Adam decided for her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and cozied her in closer.

Adam’s eyes turned dark with little flecks of gold sparkling in their brown depths. He brushed a lock of damp hair off her cheek. The passion in his gaze melted her into a puddle. She could stay lost in his eyes forever.

“Or maybe I’d do something like this.” Adam lifted her legs and slid them across his lap. Her breath caught as her skin pressed against his thighs. Adam leaned her back and seized her mouth again.  Marti relaxed. She liked the little noises their mouths made each time they touched.

Adam’s free hand caressed her neck and trickled down her arms. She reached up and touched his jawline, noticing the soft stubble that appeared since his morning shave. She let her fingers drift up to the hollow of his cheeks, to his cheekbones and then to tickle his earlobes. He sighed in her mouth, and Marti knew she affected him too.

4 thoughts on “Teaser Time #5 ~ Snapshot

  1. Wow…is it getting hot in here? Is Adam named after Adam Levine…cause he sounds like he has moves like Jagger! And I hope the cyberfans don’t kill me…but the release date has to stay on Friday or I won’t be functionable at work.

  2. 🙂 You crack me up! No, Adam is not named after Adam Levine, but I like that comparison! When I wrote Rock and a Hard Place, I was looking for a name that sounded like a nice guy. That’s it. But picture whoever you like! Not sure what to do about the Friday thing. You might be having a sick day this week. 🙂

  3. Not allowed to have a sick day with only 7 days of school left and 54 teenagers who haven’t practiced for their culmination ceremony yet. Not to mention a micromanaging principal who thinks I need to move around the corner from my current classroom. Can’t escape from it all till after the bell on Friday. By the way…the name Garrett sounds like a nice guy, too!

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