Writing by Collage – Dream Chaser

People ask me all the time where I get my ideas. My friends are stumped at how my mind thinks up some of the goofy stuff I put in books. So, I thought I’d share a little fun snippet with you.

I’m a visual person. When I can look at something that inspires me, it’s much easier to write. For my book Rock and a Hard Place, I put together a huge board with a lot of pictures of rock stars, boy bands, concerts and pictures that inspired that feeling of what an artist might feel.

For my book Dream Chaser, I put together a more cohesive, at least in my mixed up brain, picture board. Below a picture of that board. The center section I filled with pictures that inspired the character of Eli McAvoy, my hero. My favorite picture is the black and white one of a young Alex Pettyfer with his shirt open. I found it on-line and it looked to me like he was dancing. He’s young, has the right hair and is absolutely a teenage hottie!

Next to that picture is a shot of a girl in a black coat, with long dark hair. She was the closest I could come to my idea of Willow Thomas. I always have trouble finding pics of the girls that work for me.

I also scooped up a ton of dance magazines and picked out pictures that inspired passion and the hard work that goes into perfecting the art of dance. You’ll spot a couple pics from Dancing with the Stars. I love that show! I also included a two-page spread of an audience, to help me imagine what it would be like to perform in front of so many people.

On the left side of the picture, at the top, is another Eli inspiration and just below it are two pics to represent Eli’s Dad. A picture of business men and an elegant, private bar where I picture wealthy executives hanging out. Later, I realized that the businessman in the pink shirt is Bernie Madoff. He totally fit the character of Eli’s dad, aka The Donald.

Below that are several pictures that represent Tyson Scott, the hot choreographer that no one knows whether he’s gay or straight. As I’ve mentioned before, Tyce Diorio, the Emmy winning choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance, was my inspiration for that character. He’s funny, talented, and appears to have a lot of heart. I love that! There are other pics that are supposed to show how casually hot Tyson is. The shades, the awesome tux, the hot girl that shows up later in the book.

Another thing that helps me when I write is music, but that’s another post. Hope you enjoyed taking a small peek inside my head at the organized chaos.


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