Help with my Christmas Story – Win a Book!

Hi all,
I am currently working on a holiday story and looking for a couple good tidbits to include. Do you have any fun family traditions or crazy thing that happened on Christmas? Does Grandma always make horrible fruit cake? Do you play silly games? Do you have a crazy gift tradition? Help me out, and by the end of this weekend I’ll pick a winner and send them one of my autographed books.

Post your comment here at to be entered. Now I’ll go back to listening to Christmas tunes.

12 thoughts on “Help with my Christmas Story – Win a Book!

  1. My family celebrates Christmas eve and we open gift at midnight (Christmas day). Christmas eve feels like the longest day since gift are underneath the tree haunting everyone. Lol. So we have started a tradition of fun. Karaoke. We sing and sing. Time passes and we have a blast. We also call Santa’s number so the kids can know where Santa is and how long it will be for him to be here. Before midnight we pretend to sleep so Santa can leave gifts.

  2. My family have a few. Opening one present Christmas eve and watching the nightmare before christmas and my mum makes a gingerbread house with a ton of sweets.

  3. When I was little I remember every year “Santa” would bring my brothers and I our own box of cereal so we wouldn’t fight or eat each others. Every year we would wonder what kind of cereal we would get…it was so exciting. I also grew up in Ohio so if snow was on the ground we would go sledding with all the neighborhood kids. Now that my Mom and older brother are angels in heaven the only Christmas tradition my husband and I have with my younger brothers family is, is to remember, cherish and try to spend the holidays together.

  4. The Christmas crackers are always a hit at our dinner table! Everyone HAS to wear the silly hats long enough for a photo and we go around the table reading the, usually terrible, joke 🙂 Plus, we always compare the little gifts inside (mine is better than yours!) and someone inevitably always ends up with a broken toy. Never fails! It’s fun and everyone looks forward to it every year!

  5. We don’t have many traditions around Christmas but the one thing that we do every year for my boys is buy them an ornament for the tree. They get to help pick out the ornament and it has to do resemble something they did or were into that year. My tree is not the most beautiful tree in the world since it is full of spiderman, batman, toy story, power rangers, and umteen million sports ornaments, but it is full of memories which make the tree special and gorgeous to us. The boys’ initials and the year get written on the ornament somewhere and they love finding which ornaments are theirs and hang them on the tree each year. When they are grown and have a tree of their own, they will get to take the ornaments with them to adorn their trees with memories of their childhood.

  6. For as long as I can remember we put up our christmas tree and then watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. I know all the lines and my kids love it too!

  7. Congratulations to Reese for winning the Christmas traditions contest! And thank you to everyone who entered. Lots of fun stuff that will help me out on this next book. Stay tuned, as there will be more contests in the weeks to come.

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