Super 99 Cent Sale Celebration!

Today my first book ever, Love ’em or Leave ’em, is available in print AND e-book! Woo hoo!

In celebration of this awesome day, I’ve decided to put all three of my other books on sale for $.99. Yes, that’s ninety-nine cents!

Rock and a Hard Place

Dream Chaser


All for only $.99 each! If you’ve been holding off buying them, now is your chance. This deal won’t last long and it may never happen again.



2 thoughts on “Super 99 Cent Sale Celebration!

  1. Angie – I just finished Dream Chaser. I absolutely LOVED it! I thought it was very well written. My only complaint? I now NEED to know Tyson and Samantha’s story. Any plans in the works for that? It doesn’t need to be a YA, but I truly believe there’s an awesome tale to tell there.

    • Hi Renee,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed Dream Chaser. No one has ever asked about Tyson’s story before. What an interesting idea. Tyson is so flippin’ hot that I’d love to explore him more. I’ll mull that around and let you know if I decide to pursue it. I’ve got a few books ahead of it. I need to learn to write faster!
      Thanks for checking in.

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