Rave Reviews

So many amazing things have been happening in my writing world lately. New books out, special promotions from Amazon and a couple of awesome reviews.

The other day I noticed on twitter that a blogger, ktreads.com, reviewed Rock and a Hard Place. When I followed the link and read her review, I was speechless. Not only did this reader love the book, she captured all the reasons why in a beautiful review. Here is an excerpt:

Lately all I have been reading have been the YA books that have tons of steamy sex scenes and a raw undeniable passion between the characters but this book is completely different. Yes..the passion is there..but it is so precious and sensitive..anything could smolder the flame if it is not left to carefully breathe. Simply, this book is beautiful.

The ending was just as beautiful as the entire story. In fact, it was perfect. I would not have changed a single thing. I cannot even choose a better word for this brilliant book..”beautiful” just resonates within it. This book is soft and emotionally challenging from time to time..It will have you laughing and crying and yelling but in the end I am sure that you will love this book just as much as I do.

To read the full review and more, here’s the link: http://ktreads.com/?p=75

Then yesterday I came upon another review that stunned me even more. Darian at the Krazy Book Lady Blog reviewed Snapshot.

I read the first book in this series, Rock and a Hard Place, a few months back. I’ll admit I’m typically not much of a YA fan and was hesitant about reading it. But Stanton’s writing style, ability to tell a story, and talent for plot pace quickly washed those worries away. I’m happy to report that her sequel, Snapshot, also holds the things I loved about reading Stanton’s work the first time around.

Stanton is one of the best I’ve seen at plot pace. She lifts you up so high that you’re smiling while reading, only to make you gasp at the precise moment, of course then urging you to hurry up and get to the next chapter. She’s really quite fantastic at creating the perfect timing for the story.

This was another great read by Stanton. She has a fantastic ability in creating real characters, real emotion, and real drama – with flare. There are about four authors that I will blindly buy their books, because I know it will be a good read. Stanton has now made that list. She’s just a very talented writer who clearly has what it takes to bring solid writing and stories time and again.

For the rest of this review and more from the Krazy Book Lady Blog go to: http://krazybooklady.blogspot.com/

I send a special thank you to these kind, generous readers for sharing their thoughts. You make me feel like a rock star, when I normally feel like an unsure writer who spends my days behind a monitor with dirty hair, wearing sweat pants, while trying to create stories that readers will love.

You made my day!

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