Anniversary Month

Two years ago, this month, I indie published Rock and a Hard Place. So many wonderful things have happened since then, including three more books. Readers found Rock and a Hard Place and made it a best seller. Today I am awaiting the book’s re-release by HarperCollins Teen. It will be officially out September 24th. It has a shiny new cover and has been polished up to make it even better.

So, please celebrate with me and enter to win one of five autographed books or one of ten e-books.

If you have the time, I’d love for you to like my author page at:

For those of you wondering what I’m working on next, I’m happy to share with you that my next book is titled Royally Lost. As of now, the release date isn’t until next fall, so you’ll have to be patient. And after that will be the third book in the Jamieson Collection. Readers will finally get to see what happens when Garrett Jamieson falls in love.

Rockcover New Rock Cover

Check out the inital cover and the new cover! Both great!

12 thoughts on “Anniversary Month

    • I’ll be turning in my next book to my publisher next month, but sadly, that won’t be out until next year. My latest release was Snowed Over. I’ve received great feedback from readers on that one!

  1. We have recently read your books and reviewed them. We loved them & the Jamieson brothers. Hope we have more stories about them soon! 😉
    We love your writing and, obviously, your books. Thank you for sharing your work.

    The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club

  2. Congratulations for putting yourself and your books out there and succeeding big time! Inspiring to we readers. Thanks for the giveaway contest.

  3. can you give us a timeframe for jamieson book #3? ive been dying to see what happens to garret, how that cold heart of his is softened by love! ❤ i loooooved the first two and ive been checking around constantly for a timeframe or month!

  4. Hi Angie Stanton,
    i wanted to let you know your novel “Rock and a Hard Place”‘ has kidnapped my heart. the connect of the characters tugged at my heart numerous times. To an extent it reminded me of the. . hurdles, Ive jumped over. Peter also had a lot of resemblance to my boyfriend who rescued my soul nearly two years ago. it was by far one of the best books i ever read. couldn’t put it down. within 4 days i finished “rock and a Hard Place” and “Snapshot”. I didn’t relate much to “Snapshot”, as i did with the first book, but that didn’t matter, again i couldn’t put it down. Really i just wanted to thank you so much for the escape from reality, and that with faith and love. anything is possible. even the deepest of wounds can heal.
    With Appreciation

    P.S. Garrett is a mean big brother. 🙂

    • Hi Megan,
      I’m so glad you liked the book and felt such a connection to Rock and a Hard Place. It’s great to hear that you found it such an escape. And yes, Garrett is a mean brother, but hopefully he’ll become a better brother when his book comes out.
      All the best,

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