Dream Chaser

Available everywhere e-books are sold.

Willow Thomas’s life has never been normal. Her parents are modern day
hippies who throw paint and bake questionable brownies. Her little
sister wishes she were a vampire. And now, Willow has unexpectedly
landed the lead in a musical opposite her former best friend, Eli

Eli has changed since the summer night Willow abandoned him. Not only
has he grown in inches, but he possesses a new confidence, as well as a
giant chip on his gorgeous shoulders. Willow can’t keep her eyes off
him, not that she’d ever admit it. Eli doesn’t seem to suffer the same

Their director is quirky Broadway choreographer, Tyson Scott, who loves
to mess with Willow and Eli’s undeniable chemistry. The other kids in
the show aren’t thrilled to see Willow, and they harass her to the point
she’s ready to go play in traffic. Add the world’s worst stage kiss and
Willow is in the eye of the perfect storm.

After a late night romp in the back of Eli’s car, the kiss is definitely
a two thumbs up, but now, just when Willow thinks she has life under
control, a curve ball comes at her in the form of her greatest fear.
Will she face the new challenge or take the easy way out and run for her
life? And will Eli be there to help or turn his back on her for good?


~ ~ ~

Excerpts and quotes coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Dream Chaser

  1. Such a great book! Such a great writer! You make your readers really feel the passion, anger, fear and pain and that seems to be a struggle for a lot of authors…and I read a LOT! I’ve read all your books, just wish you had more for me to read.

    • Hi Deb,
      Thank you so much for making my day! I love to hear when people connect with my books. I wish I could write faster and have more out for you. LOL. However, I am in the process, right now, of getting my novella, Snowed Over, up on Kindle and Nook. Hopefully by this time tomorrow it will be available. If you get a chance and could leave a short review on Amazon for Dream Chaser, it would really help spread the word.

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