Snapshot – Book Two in the Jamieson Collection

Marti Hunter hates rockers and anything remotely related to the rock-and-roll lifestyle. She thought she’d left that all behind, along with her drug-addicted mother and absent-minded, rock legend father. Now she lives with her grandmother, and Marti’s life is finally normal. Just the way she likes it.

For Adam Jamieson, normal is not possible. He is the genius guitar player of the band Jamieson. He’s ecstatic to finally get a two-week break from his micromanaged life and a chance to hang with regular teens. Adam’s shaving off his trademark curls and going undercover.

But when Marti, the reluctant rock princess, and Adam, the undercover guitar wizard, meet, sparks fly in more ways than one. They spend their time alternating between making out and driving each other crazy. But their summer adventures of skinny dipping, storm watching, and stolen kisses are brought to a halt when tragedy strikes.

Suddenly, they’re on opposite sides of the country, just when they need each other the most. Can Marti survive life with her dad and his vicious girlfriend? Will Adam get so fed up with his over-managed life and controlling parents that he quits the band?

Snapshot. A moment in time that changes two people forever.

~  ~  ~

Camp Hiawatha is based on a real camp located in Northern Wisconsin in a little town called St. Germain. It is a magical setting where eagles soar, loons sing and deer meander. Here are a few pictures from a recent trip. I hope it lives up to what you imagined.

The long path to the cabins

The dock

The dock they return to after a wet trip to the bog

The volleyball court where Marti and Adam play

Marti and Adam pick a canoe

The lodge where they eat their meals

The seat where Marti waits with Adam for a ride that doesn’t come.

Excerpt from Snapshot

“Can I ask a question? Without you getting mad?” Adam asked.

“Depends. Is it going to be a stupid question?” She smirked, knowing her words would annoy him.

“From your point of view, everything I say is stupid,” he answered.

“True.” She gloated.

“You didn’t have to agree. That was your chance to say, ‘No, I think you’re brilliant and witty.’”

“Nah, I wouldn’t want to lie.” She heard Adam chuckle.

“Okay, risking my fragile ego, and taking the chance that I’ll be crushed by you once again, here goes. I know your dad was far from a stellar parent, but didn’t you ever see the genius side of him?”

“Oh my god!”

She lifted her paddle and turned in her seat. “Seriously! After the things I told you, you’re going to be like everyone else and go, ‘Oh, but he’s so talented. He’s an icon. He’s a frickin’ master of his craft!’” Marti mimicked the words.

“I’ll take that as a no. You are not ready to talk reasonably without flying into a rage.”



9 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. I kept overlooking this book while looking through my Kindle. One day I decided to click it and was surprised it was a Jamieson story. I honestly just bought it to get a glimpse of Peter and Libby but when I started reading I really got invested in Adam and Marti’s story. Peter and Libby were far from my mind while reading. I hate books were the lead female character gets pregnant, but the pregnant scare was a BRILLIANT idea. It make Adam and Marti love each other even more(if that’s even possible lol). I loved this book!!<3 Is there going to be a book for Garret also? I would love to see him fall in love and stop being a a**hole.

    • I’m so glad you liked the book so much! Yes, a Garrett book is in the works, and I do plan on turning that nasty boy around. Next out is a Christmas novella. More details very soon! Thanks for writing!

  2. I greatly enjoyed this book 🙂 I loved the resilience of Marti and Adam’s determination to be with her when circumstances permit them from being together. It has left me wanting more! I especially want to find out why Garrett has a stick up his butt! Hanging out for a sequel here 😀

  3. loved this book soo much just finished reading it today it took about a week to finish it but it was so worth it i really hope there is another book to go along with this i know there is three in the series and i didn’t realize that i read them out of order until now but even so i don’t think anything can live up to how good this one was

    • I’m so glad you loved Snapshot! You should definitely read Rock and a Hard Place. That book is a favorite for a lot of readers. There will eventually be a third book that tells Garrett’s story. However, it hasn’t been started yet, so there will be quite a wait.

  4. OMG
    Rock and a hard place was a brilliant book, i really want to read snowed over and snapshot
    u r the best angie stanton

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