Natural Disaster Movies, What’s Not to Love?

Some might say that natural disaster movies are depressing, but not me! I love them! I find them fascinating. Probably the biggest reason I love them, is to see how people react in the face of such terrible adversity. Who are the heroes? Who is paralyzed in fear and can’t save themselves. Of course, the best characters in these movies are the fighters, the survivors.

Now don’t get me wrong, when real natural disasters occur, the plight that regular people  go through is horrible. I would never wish a flood or fire or earth quake on anyone. But in movies like 2012 there is always a humorous side to people’s reaction.

Like Woody Harrelson’s character, Charlie Frost, who can’t wait to watch the end of the world.


And then there is Rockhound, played by Steve Buscemi, in Armageddon who hires a high priced prostitute for the night before he goes off into space.

Whenever a new disaster movie comes out, I have to go see it. My husband knows he has no choice. And then the day it’s released on DVD, I buy it. I have a lovely little library of movies. Here are a few.

Deep Impact

Day After Tomorrow Poster

Movie 2012




And then there are the heroes of the movies. Those characters who sacrifice it all to save themselves, their families and sometimes even the dog.

Jake Gyllenhal

Jake Gyllenhall in Day After Tomorrow

Dennis Quaid - Day After Tomorrow

Elisha Wood


John Cusack in 2012. He's jeopardized the entire Ark full of innocent people and has to save the day.

And then there are the characters who bite the dust.

Bruce Willis in Armageddon right before he sets off the nuke and sacrifices himself for all mankind.

Tea Leoni  Deep Impact
Tea Leoni in Deep Impact. She gave up her seat on the last chopper out so a small child would live. Aww.

I can’t wait for the next big disaster movie and wonder when it will arrive. Hopefully soon. We need another hero to watch!

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