Teaser #4 ~ Snapshot

Here you go! Snapshot Teaser #4! Look for another one tomorrow!


“Can I ask a question? Without you getting mad?” Adam asked.

“Depends. Is it going to be a stupid question?” She smirked, knowing her words would annoy him.

“From your point of view, everything I say is stupid,” he answered.

“True.” She gloated.

“You didn’t have to agree. That was your chance to say, ‘No, I think you’re brilliant and witty.’”

“Nah, I wouldn’t want to lie.” She heard Adam chuckle.

“Okay, risking my fragile ego, and taking the chance that I’ll be crushed by you once again, here goes. I know your dad was far from a stellar parent, but didn’t you ever see the genius side of him?”

“Oh my god!”

She lifted her paddle and turned in her seat. “Seriously! After the things I told you, you’re going to be like everyone else and go, ‘Oh, but he’s so talented. He’s an icon. He’s a frickin’ master of his craft!’” Marti mimicked the words.

“I’ll take that as a no. You are not ready to talk reasonably without flying into a rage.”

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